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Alabaster Offering

Promotional Ideas Printable materials can be found HERE

  Alabaster Monologue

  Have Fun with Your Alabaster

  Quick Alabaster display

  Using the Alabaster Lego Video as
      an Idea-Starter
  Penny, Flag, Coins, and Prayer
  Creative Alabaster Containers

  Alabaster Birthday Bash

  Alabaster Architectural Alphabet

  Messy, but Unmistakable Imagery

  Have a Heart              

  A Latte of Change  
      Download Latte Circle HERE
  Parents' Night Out


Alabaster Videos

Numerous Alabster videos are available online from the Nazarene Media Library.
Check them out here.

Encouraging Story

  Alabaster Provides Land for New District Center in DRC

  Alabaster Funds Construction Of Pastoral Training Centers

  A Little Lady With a Big Heart

  Alabaster? Absolutely!

Stories from ENGAGE Magazine
The Alabaster answered prayer
Photo essay: India church learns about, celebrates Alabaster
Bulgaria church overcomes challenges to reach community
'Heavenly Kids' grow the church in Solomon Islands
Benin and Togo train leaders, celebrate 380 new churches
Alabaster: Nilopolis worship center enables ministry expansion 
Church built by Alabaster offerings gives back


Other Stories 


From Asia-Pacific

At Seven Years Old…He Saw an Alabaster Miracle!



  Africa - Horn of Africa Pastoral Training Centers - English
  Africa - Horn of Africa Pastoral Training Centers - English


  Africa - Madagascar - English
  Africa - Madagascar - English


  Eurasia - Alabaster in Sri Lanka - English


  South America - Testimonio Pastora Elizabeth Rodrigue - Español
  South America - Testimonio Pastora Elizabeth Rodriguez - Español


To find out more about Alabaster, contact your local NMI President or the Global NMI Office.
The following items can be ordered from Nazarene Publishing House. Click on the image to be taken to that particular items page on the NPH site.

Large Alabaster Box
Order No.O-2LG

Children's Alabaster Box
Order No. O-2CD

Alabaster Box
Order No. O-2

The Story of Alabaster brochure


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