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Missions Priority One


Why Missions Priority One?
God's desire to draw all people to Himself is our mission. When we lovingly, intentionally live out that mission, we are obedient to Christ.
Sometimes we need ideas on how to live a mission-centered life. We need clear, realistic direction to help carry out God's mission. That's the reason for Mission Priority One (MPO).
While there are countless ways to share Christ's message of hope, MPO has goals that help churches accomplish two things: 


   1. Increase church members' passion for God's mission.
   2. Assist churches in taking the message of Christ to the world.


What is Missions Priority One?
NMI has four objectives in which every local church can participate:

Interceding for leaders and churches and for the Holy Spirit to draw all people to Christ.

Involving and mentoring future missions leaders, especially youth and children, to make Christlike disciples for God's mission in the nations.

Giving—Devoting ourselves and our resources, especially the World Evangelism Fund, to extend Christ's kingdom. 

Educating—Informing people of the World's needs and enabling our church to meet those needs in Christ.

We offer mission activities based on these objectives to ensure a church's involvement in God's global mission. 
By making mission a priority, a congregation demonstrates God's passion for all people. Churches involved in mission attract people who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.
What are the MPO Requirements? 
Local Missions Priority One requirements are:
1. The church prayed for missions.
2. The church discipled and involved children and youth in local and global missions.
3. The church gave at least 5.5 percent of current income for the World EvanEF.
4. The church participated* in each of the four education categories that follow:
    a. NMI missions books/tapes/CDs
    b. Missions service projects and/or hands-on missions activities
    c. Missions speakers
    d. Multimedia missions resources and/or missions publications/communications
* "Participate" is defined as involvement in one or more activities in each category.
Through MPO, a congregation extends Christ's message around the world. Pastors are educated, and mission workers are supported. New believers come to Christ through prayer. Children, youth, and adults hear and obey God's call to cross-cultural ministry.