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Global NMI Council 2013-2017

Global NMI President — Philip Weatherill 
       Biography can be found here.

Africa — Ezekial Mnisi
Asia-Pacific —  Pauline Sheppard

Canada — Richard L. Bahan
Mesoamerica — Carlos Quijano Llera
Eurasia — Cathy Tarrant
South America — Haroldo Millet Neves
Central USA — Carla Lovett
East Central USA — 
Eastern USA — Sharon E. Kessler
North Central USA — Rhonda Rhoades
Northwest USA — Carolita Fraley
South Central USA — Mary Johnson
Southeast USA — Teresa Hodge
Southwest USA — Gerry Myers

Ex Officio Members:
Lola Brickey — Global NMI director
Dr. Verne Ward — Global Mission director

Dr. David Busic — General Superintendent in Jurisdiction

Executive Committee:
President — Philip Weatherill  
Vice President — 
Secretary — Gerry Myers


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