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2016-2017 Youth NMI Missions Books

There are not any books designated for youth this year.


Adult set includes four books and bookmarks  
Order Number—U-6216;      Cost—$32.50



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Call Nazarene Publishing House
at 1-800-877-0700 (Toll-free)


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  Adult Book Blurbs
  Adult Book Blurbs
  Adult Book Blurbs - A4
  Adult Book Blurbs - A4


  Descrption of all 2016-17 Mission Education Materials


  Price Comparison to materials from 2015-16



NPH Order Form and Item Descriptions

  2016-17 NMI Books & Supplies Order Form 
  2016-17 NMI Books & Supplies Item Descriptions


Adult / Youth NMI Missions Books
are available on CD.


U-6216CD   2016-17 Adult NMI Mission Books on CDs (Set of 4 Books)   $24.99
The four adult mission books described above are recorded on CDs.


Book covers from NPH - Use thse to promote the books.   $5.99


Electronic 2016–2017 NMI Missions Books Available



Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks on iTunes.
The cost per book is 99 cents, and each should be downloaded separately.


PDF Versions of Books

The books in PDF version are available for download as a set by clicking HERE.
(The download link is just under the book descriptions.)
They will also be available on theLiving Mission site.

The size of the download is 191 MB, so it may take a while, depending on Internet speed.


Click HERE to learn about the licensing for the PDF books.


MP3 Books

MP3 versions of the books are available for free download by clicking HERE.



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