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Missions Priority One

Helpful Suggestions for Achieving MPO


Objective: To encourage people to pray for all efforts of global evangelization.



    Objective:  To mentor others, including children and youth, in mission.



    Objective:  Give 5.5% of current income for World Evangelism Fund




    Objective: To participated in all four categories below:

         (a) Used multimedia mission resources and/or mission publications.

         (b) Promoted NMI mission books/tapes/CDs. Number of books read     

         (c) Participated in mission service projects or activities

         (d) Attended a service with a missionary or mission emphasis

Additional information:


  • Use multimedia missions resources (such as World Mission DVD, Engage Online mission magazine, missions Web sites, videos, Nazarene Communications News, etc.) and/or utilize missions publications and communications  (such as adult mission education, youth mission education, children's mission education, International Mission Education Journal, Mission Connection, Global Glimpses, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries magazine, Holiness Today, JESUS Film resources, missionaries' newsletters, regional newsletters, etc.).
  • Promote NMI missions books/tapes/CDs.
  • Participate in missions service projects (such as Work & Witness, Youth in Mission, Youthserve, CAUSE, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries centers, Good Samaritan churches, community projects,   etc.) and/or hands-on missions activities (Crisis Care Kits, School Pal-Paks, relief shipments, LINKS packages, unofficial LINKS, etc.)
  • Attend one or more services with a missionary speaker or missions emphasis (local, zone/area, district, and/or regional events; faith promise) and/or provide interaction with a missions speaker (district teen/children's camps, missions events, district NMI convention, missions workshops, etc.).