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2013-17 NMI Quadrennial Theme and Sub-themes

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Quadrennial Theme 2013-17: Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations

NMI Annual Sub-Theme Options for 2013-17

We encourage each district to select or to create sub-themes that resonate most closely with its culture, context, language, needs, and preferences. If you develop sub-theme ideas or expand on these, please send them to the NMI Office:

By way of explanation, Option A was developed with more information. If you want to use the other options suggested, feel free to refine and implement details as needed.


Year One
Sub-themeLooking Up (Communicating with God)
Explanatory Tag Line—By our fervent and creative prayers (Alternatives: By our fervent prayer; By fervent and creative prayer; By fervent prayer)


  • A yearlong emphasis on prayer
  • E-mail or post on Web site—monthly ideas for prayer
  • Involve and engage some of creative minds regarding praying creatively and unceasingly
  • Invite Nazarenes worldwide to pray at the same time daily—during the Nazarene World Week of Prayer


Year Two
Sub-themeLooking Out (Communicating God's Love)
Explanatory Tag Line—By sharing and demonstrating God's love in our world (Alternatives: By sharing God's love; By sharing God's love with our world)


  • A yearlong emphasis to encourage all Nazarenes to become engaged with other people, to "be Jesus" to someone
  • E-mail or post on Web site—monthly ideas about sharing and demonstrating God's love in our world
  • Ask creative people to develop ideas for initiating acts of kindness (some random), showing love to our actual neighbors (neighborhoods)
  • Begin with activities locally; suggest activities that can help globally
  • During this year of service and volunteering with an emphasis on reaching the unsaved, involve people of all ages throughout the church

Year Three
Sub-theme—Looking Ahead (Communicating Knowledge)
Explanatory Tag Line—By immersing our future—our children and youth—in a global worldview (Alternatives: By teaching our children and youth the global worldview; By immersing our children and youth in a global worldview; By transferring God's worldview to our children and youth)


  • A yearlong emphasis to encourage our children and youth toward the need for a global worldview; a combination of creative actions or activities and education or mentoring
  • E-mail or post on Web site—monthly ideas on working with youth/children's leaders in understanding the Christian worldview
  • Develop a curriculum and "hands-on" activities that will help children and youth understand and internalize a Christian worldview
  • Establish training centers (or rigorous/challenging camps) around the world where youth could be sent to learn and practice what the Christian worldview is and does


Year Four
Sub-theme Looking In (Communicating Obedience and Its Rewards)
Explanatory Tag Line—By understanding and practicing biblical stewardship (Alternatives: By living biblical stewardship; By our stewardship; By our stewardship of God's blessings)


  • Develop a creative/teachable curriculum on what biblical stewardship means for adults, youth, and children; stewardship of attitude, time, and giving
  • Challenge churches and NMI leaders to accept new stewardship challenges that will advance missions; provide a menu of interesting and provocative mission projects
  • Establish a creative Web site that provides multiple and creative hands-on ideas or ways to demonstrate biblical stewardship, especially tilted toward mission projects for adults, youth, and children


Option B

Year One Evangelizing Lost People
Year Two Discipling New Christians
Year Three Equipping Leaders
Year Four Developing Churches/Enabling Disciples

Option C

Year One Accepting God's Call
Year Two Reaching Lost People
Year Three Equipping Disciples
Year Four Changing Our World



Instead of providing a new theme song for 2013-17, we are suggesting options for great songs that include or illustrate the theme "Making Christlike Disciples in the Nations." We have provided an initial list of song options below and on the NMI Web site and will add others to the Web site as NMI leaders send more titles and composers. If you discover a song that fits the theme well, please inform the NMI office at the Global Ministry Center. Thank you.

All the World by Point of Grace
Burning Lights by Chris Tomlin
Carrier by Jared Anderson
Go Light Your World by Chris Rice
I Will Follow by Chris Tomlin
Jesus, My Everything by Matt Maher
Life Song by Casting Crowns
People Need the Lord by Steve Green
Proclaim Our God of Love by Ryan Ketchum
Take Me to the Nations by Cherie Reiter

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