Welcome to the NMI 100th Anniversary
100 Years, One Mission, Eternal Opportunities


Goal—100 percent participation
by each of 461 districts globally

We ask each district to select one of more than 1,400 initiatives (projects) generated by regional and ministry partners.

Completion Date—October 2015
The actual date of the NMI 100th Anniversary is 8 October 2015. Each district should complete an initiative by the end of 2015. Districts, please send a photo and summary of the initiative you complete. We can help you tell the exciting story! Your experiences will encourage others!

Project History
NMI’s 50th Anniversary: $150,000 to construct a hospital in Papua New Guinea
NMI’s 75th Anniversary: $885,484 for evangelism in Hong Kong/Chinese communities worldwide.
NMI’s 90th Anniversary: $2.5 million for "Books for Pastors—Tools for Ministry"

As each district completes an NMI 100th Anniversary initiative, investments could total more than
US$4 million. By reading the cover memo on this Web page, see how your district can help achieve
the largest NMI Anniversary investment in Nazarene history.

You can access more than 1,400 initiatives here. We provide options to view:
  1. Lists by regions to click from initiative to initiative;
  2. EXCEL spreadsheets—EXCEL spreadsheets assist searches for initiatives by region, world area, or financial range.

Also on this Web page, you will also find a link to Guidelines, which explain how each district can select
an initiative, confirm a selection with the NMI office team, and receive specific instructions to insure that
your gifts will be applied to the initiative you have requested.

Thank you for participating! May each of 461 districts experience abundant blessing as you meet needs on another district. May the Lord bless you!

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