Prayer Mobilization Line
The following are praise reports and prayer requests
from Nazarene Missions International for
September 17, 2014
  "For we walk by faith, not by sight."
2 Corinthians 5:7 (NIV)
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Audrey Sue Riggins
  Audrey Sue Riggins was born on September 13 to proud parents, Scot and Jill, who serve as missionaries in the Philippines. Audrey and her mom are doing well. Pray for the Riggins as they welcome this new little girl into their family. Audrey joins brothers Aden, Wiley, and Noah, and sister Emma.
Germans Serve Roma Community

German young adults traveled to Albania last month and served in a Roma community in Sharrë on the outskirts of Tirana. “We were able to show the people in this Roma community, which literally sits on a trash dump, that they are valued and loved,” said a team member. Roma are descendants of “gypsies” and often treated as second-class citizens. The German team led five days of kids programming, dug a well so the community would have more accessible drinking water, and they constructed two latrine facilities in the settlement. Pray for the Roma children and their parents in Sharrë, that they will come to know and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has great love and esteem for each of them. Read the whole story in Eurasia Snapshots.

Church’s Response to Ebola Outbreak

As the Ebola outbreak in West Africa enters its seventh month, the Church of the Nazarene continues to serve affected individuals and communities through education, preventative measures, and prayer. In Togo, children at a Nazarene orphanage prayed for God to take away Ebola. Lord, please hear and answer their prayers. Read more in the NCN News article.  

Missionary Prayer Focus

Please pray for the following requests sent in from missionaries who are part of the September prayer focuses:

Dick and Cindy Phelps, serving in Bulgaria
Please pray with us about:

  • Safe travels to and around Bulgaria
  • Sadness of leaving family (children, grandchildren, elderly parents
  • God will lead us to the right vehicle to purchase for use in ministry
  • God will lead us to the right apartment with room for overnight guests and Bible studies in the area of Varna.
  • Learning the language!

Bob and Judy Scottum, serving in Albania

  • Pray that we would simply bring glory to the Lord.  
  • Pray that we are an extension of His mighty hand, and that our efforts are pleasing to His will.
  • Pray that Bob's health will hold up.

Carlos and Noemi Fernandez, serving in Argentina

  • Please pray the Lord will guide us and show His will as we retire from missionary service. 
  • Please pray for our family. God has called us to minister to them at this time. We need wisdom from the Highest to guide our grandchildren in His ways.
  • Please pray for our deputation services as we visit different churches. Pray that the Lord will fill and guide our brothers and sisters with His Holy Spirit to understand what missions is about.
  • Please pray we will able to pass the torch of Holiness to the next generation.  

Leslie Prescott, serving in the United Kingdom

  • Pray for safe travels and settling in at Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, UK.
  • My prayer is that God will use me however He can while I'm in the United Kingdom. He is already there and I want to be a part of His work in that very special setting. 

Bob and Colleen Skinner, serving in Hungary

  • Pray for Poland where we work and the three volunteers units there we work with. Pray for the coffee shops and churches there, we desire to be pleasing to the Father.
  • Pray also for Hungary, where we live, and the leadership here and their desire to see God move across this nation.

Justin and Krista Kellerer, serving in Ecuador
Please pray for:

  • Traveling mercies and getting settled in Quito, Ecuador.
  • Pray for our efforts to raise all needed financial support.
  • Once we arrive in Quito, we will be going through extensive language training and that we would be receptive and quick learners of the Spanish language.
  • To continue to strengthen and grow our marriage.
  • Seeking and building new relationships that will benefit the Kingdom and lead to opportunities to share Christ.
  • Logistics such as housing once we are in Quito.
  • Us as we prepare for what God has planned for us in South America

Jay and Theresa Decker, serving in USA/Canada
Please pray for:

  • Jay—Spiritual vigilance amidst increasing responsibilities and seemingly less sleep.
  • Theresa—God’s clear direction for our future and us.
  • Elias—Continued healing/progress as he receives therapy.
  • Callum—To begin walking very soon. He is a ring bearer in my brother’s wedding September 20.

Read more about the Deckers in the Engage magazine profile.

Chris and Anndee Stringer, serving in Ecuador
Please pray for:

  • Encounter, September 13-14 - Encounters are bi-monthly intense discipleship weekends, and one was held recently. The weekends are the lifeblood of our church in regard to entering people into the discipleship and leadership training process of our church plant.  Most of the people who come are new believers. Pray for them, that they would desire to attend. In addition, pray for their time at the encounter, that they would have supernatural eyes to see and ears to hear what God has for them. Pray that the excitement and momentum they gain at the encounter would not fade after the weekend is over, but that they would enter into the training process. Pray for our missionaries and church leaders who will be presenting the lessons, that they would be bold and speak the truth.  Pray for the location where the encounter will be held—Pueblito Serrano. Pray that nothing will happen there that will be a distraction from the focus of the weekend. 
  • October and November Build Teams – We have two short-teams coming in the next few months to help build a permanent, physical church for this young church plant. Pray for them, as they are making their final payments and are making the necessary arrangements for their departure. Pray for the construction plans and that everything will come together in a timely fashion. Pray for the outreach events we will do, that we will see supernatural fruit and that it will be fruit that will last. Pray for safety and protection over the short-term volunteers and the long-term staff. Pray for the following five things: 1) that the team would be a blessing to the city of Ambato; 2) that they would be a blessing to the missionaries on the ground; 3) that they would be a blessing to the church leaders and pastoral family; 4) that they would be a blessing to the physical church building and neighborhood around the church (both old and new properties) and 5) that they would be transformed more into the likeness and image of Christ during their time here.
  • Financial Support - Please pray for God’s timing and provision regarding financial support.  We are 25% short of our goal to be able to continue to serve as volunteers after the first of the year.
  • Transition for family – Our girls started school the first of September. Starting school is a big adjustment for our family’s schedule. Please pray that we can balance ministry, home life, work, and the girl’s schooling in an appropriate way.
  • Short-term staffing needs – There is much we want to do with the short-term missions division of Extreme. However, without staffing that is very limited.  Extreme is looking to plant 3-4 churches next year, which means that 2016 will be a year with that number of cities ready to host 2-3 teams each. We need staff on the ground by next year, so that they can be trained in Spanish and in short-term process, so that they can be ready to lead teams in 2016.  
  • Vision for Short-Term Missions – Pray that Anndee and I have vision, clarity, discernment, wisdom, and unity as we lead this part of the ministry. We already have many ideas and plans, but we want them to be from the Lord.  As we enter new countries next year with church planting teams (at minimum Argentina and Chile), we will need to be creative and flexible in ministry and in how we plan teams that will bless our church plants. 
District Superintendents
  Over the next several months, NMI will publish the names and place of ministry for Nazarene district superintendents. Please join us in praying for these individuals who God has called to shepherd pastors and churches around the world.

Today’s district superintendents are from countries on the Mesoamerica Region:
Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Haiti Northeast
Garnier Anathol, Haiti Northeast
Fresnel Alcimé, Haiti Northwest
David Eliassaint, Haiti South
Senatus Marius, Haiti South Central of Jacmel
Jean-Noel Lafleur, Haiti Southeast
Paul Edouard-Zamor, Haiti Upper Artibonite
Begardo Bardales, Honduras Central Sur Oriental
Etán Bardales, Honduras Noroccidental
Ronald Grey, Jamaica East
Lionel Brown, Jamaica West
Marcos Galicia, Mexico Central
Joaquín Ocaña, Mexico East
Mario Orduña, Mexico Gulf
Esteban Miguel, Mexico La Huasteca
May the Lord add His blessing to the work of these district superintendents.

Board of General Superintendents
  Please pray for the ministry and safety of the general superintendents as they travel this month:

Jerry D. Porter
J. K. Warrick
Eugénio Duarte
David W.Graves
David A. Busic
Gustavo A. Crocker
Addie Garman
  Retired missionary Addie Garman fell recently, fractured a vertebra, and then developed pneumonia. Addie’s husband, Larry, shares, "She is doing much better, receiving physical therapy, and we hope she will be home next week." Pray for Addie's complete recovery. She and Larry served in Peru for 45 years.
Thank you for praying.
"Once you become aware that the main business that you are here for is to know God, most of life's problems fall into place of their own accord."
—J.I. Packer
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