Prayer Mobilization Line
The following are praise reports and prayer requests
from Nazarene Missions International for
March 4, 2015
  "Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed,
the water I give them will become in them a spring of water
welling up to eternal life."
John 4:14 NIV
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Men in Hiding
  On February 27 an urgent request came in from the Asia-Pacific Region saying, “Approximately 20 men are hiding in their church to avoid being conscripted into fighting. This is an area where spiritual revival has taken place in the past month. God is at work but the spiritual battle is fierce.” On March 2 this report was received, “Praise God for answered prayer! The pastor and church members have been protected. Last night some of the members were able to return to their homes.” Please continue to pray for the situation in this Southeast Asia nation.
Troutman Praises

Missionaries Philip and Paula Troutman recently sent in the following praises:

  • The privilege of serving Him in Angola
  • Our Angolan residence visas were renewed for one more year
  • A comfortable home (made possible by Nazarenes around the world) in a beautiful setting
  • Recent rains that have turned the hillsides green and caused flowers and trees to bloom
  • Phil’s completion of his Ph.D. (we call him “Dr. T.”)
  • A reliable and comfortable vehicle that makes travel more enjoyable
  • We are thankful for doctors and medicines that help us get through each day
Myers Appreciation
  Last month we prayed for the father of Jeff Myers who had fallen and was experiencing complications. We gave praise a few days later when word came that Jeff’s dad was improving. This week, we received a note from Jeff for you: “First, let me thank you all for your prayers over these last two or three weeks on behalf of my dad. He is doing fantastic and is scheduled to go home in a few hours (Ohio’s Monday morning). We thank the Lord for His hand on dad and know that He will continue to keep His hand on dad as he works to get back to 100 percent! Thank you all again for your prayers! It is good to know that we can count on the prayers of our church family. Thanks for being our family!”
Stolen Backpack Studio
  Pray for World Mission Broadcast (WMB) ministries who work in an area that is resistant to the Gospel. Recently, a WMB team's studio backpack was stolen and this will hinder part of their work until the items can be replaced. Pray for the safety of all workers who share Christ in difficult parts of the world.
Nazarene World Week of Prayer 2015—March 1-7, 2015

The annual Nazarene World Week of Prayer (NWWP) is going on this week – March 1-7. Prayer requests have been gathered from each Global Mission Region and for the Persecuted Church. The requests have been posted on the NMI website in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Korean). Please plan to join Nazarenes around the world in praying together during NWWP. A request from each region is listed below, many more can be found by clicking here.

Africa Region – General Regional Requests

  • Pray for conferences that will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa—District Superintendents Leadership Development Conference (5-8 March 2015) and Africa Regional Conference (8-13 March 2015). Participating fields include Africa South Field, Africa Lusophone, Africa South East Field.
  • Pray for the Africa Regional Conference that will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, from 15-20 August 2015. Participating fields include Africa East and Ethiopia.
  • Pray for the Africa Regional Director, Dr. Filimao Chambo, his family, and the Africa Regional Office staff.
  • Pray for all district leaders and pastors.
  • Pray for the recruitment of students for Nazarene Theological College (South Africa).
  • Pray for creative access areas, specifically for ministry funds and personnel.
  • Pray for Work & Witness teams on the Africa Region.
  • Pray for ways to create awareness of God’s mission in and through the Church of the Nazarene that will motivate and improve World Evangelism Fund giving.
  • Pray for mission education and for mission awareness throughout Africa.
  • Pray for those countries and people who are affected by the Ebola epidemic.

Asia-Pacific Region—Australia New Zealand Field

  • 2015 marked the first district assembly for the newly joined districts (Australia Northern Pacific and West Australia). Please pray that God would continue what He has begun among Australian Nazarenes as they seek to work together in mission across this great continent.
  • One of the greatest needs on the Australia New Zealand Field is for the development of new leaders. There is currently a significant shortage of trained Nazarenes to fill empty pastorates or for church planting. Pray for the leadership development initiative, a structure that equips emerging leaders by mentoring groups of 12 every two years on each district.

Eurasia Region

  • Praise the Lord for our newest missionary family in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Kyle and Becky Sukanen and their two young sons (Kilchis and Trask) are Global Serve Volunteers and arrived in August 2014. They are living in Chisinau, Moldova, and are doing well.  Pray also for three new missionary families praying about joining our mission team in the CIS in the summer of 2016.

Mesoamerica Region—GENESIS Project

  • The GENESIS Project that began in 2010 and is a church planting and missionary sending strategy to 28 major cities in the Mesoamerica Region. Twenty-four of the cities already have a church presence, however, our presence needs to be strengthened due to their location in urban areas. Four of the sites are in areas where the Church of the Nazarene has no presence.  Please pray for: the sites; the leaders in the sites; the nine volunteer missionaries serving in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, and Honduras, the newly reached people, and the new churches planted.

South America Region—General Regional Requests

  • The leadership transition in Brazil
  • Implementation of the RE-VISION strategy
  • The new district superintendents in South Uruguay (Adhemar Charlie) and Argentina Coast (Enrique Sardiellos)
  • The regional missionary retreat in July 2015
  • The regional leadership and their families: Regional Director, Ministry Coordinators, Field Coordinators, Country Holistic Ministry Coordinators, and their teams.

USA/Canada Region

  • Pray that each of our churches will experience vibrant renewal inside the Body and that renewal will lead to a new passion for reaching the lost and hurting of our communities.

Persecuted Church—Montagnards Flee

  • The Montagnards are an independent, minority group of Christians in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and they have faced religious persecution for years. Recently, members of Montagnards fled their homeland and sought asylum in Cambodia due to increased pressure from local authorities, especially on those who worship in house churches. The refugee movement started in November 2014 and the latest group arrived Cambodia in mid-January 2015. The government claims the Montagnards use religion to incite unrest. (Open Doors USA)
Missionary Prayer Focus

Please join in prayer for the following requests received from missionaries who are part of Verne Ward, director of Global Mission’s, monthly prayer focus:

Philip and Paula Troutman, serving in Angola (February Prayer Focus)
Please pray for:

  • Completion of the first building of the Bible institute in Lubango
  • Means and finances to equip classrooms, offices, and library in the new building
  • Wisdom and protection as we prepare and travel to Huambo later this month. Phil will be teaching “Introduction to the Bible” and Paula will be presenting seminars on teaching and preparing lessons for Sunday School 
  • The first-ever Angolan Nazarene Women’s Conference to be held in late March (Paula will be one of the speakers)
  • Direction as we look ahead and plan for the future of theological education in Angola
  • The Lord to call young men and women into ministry and give them the desire for training and education
  • The Lord to speak to pastors and other potential teachers in the area of theological education
  • The missionary team as we work to build His kingdom in Angola
  • Continued success with our Bible sponsorship/distribution ministry
  • For continued growth of the Church of the Nazarene in Angola
  • That our Angolan Nazarenes will be strengthened and take personal responsibility for their church congregations and buildings

Cindy Downey, serving in Argentina (February Prayer Focus)
Please pray for:

  • Wisdom and the ability to do my ministry as the Regional Secretary well. There is still a lot to learn even though I have been in this ministry for over a year now. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the details. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the South America Region (SAM) in this area helping the field strategy coordinators (FSC), district superintendents (DS), and pastors with details that are needed in order to reach more people for the Lord. 
  • The FSC’s and DS’s as they minister on their fields and districts, that God will use them in a mighty way, and that they will sense the support of the region and the general church in their ministry. 
  • I would like to request prayer for new ideas of ways to minister to the missionaries on the SAM Region as the regional personnel coordinator. We have a wonderful group of missionaries serving in the 10 countries on the SAM Region. I pray daily for them. I would like to find new ways to minister to them and care for them so they feel encouraged in their ministries and their families. 

Read more about Cindy and her ministry in South America in the Engage magazine article.

Harmon and Cindy Schmelzenbach, serving on the Melanesia Field on the Asia-Pacific Region
Please pray for:

  • Continued God-honoring progress at Ningi/Tuman, Papua New Guinea (PNG), with the latest formation of an overseeing managing board for that Nazarene property and the various expanding ministries that are located there. This involves bringing of all stakeholders together with common purpose and the PNG National Board holding those stakeholders accountable toward the church’s shared vision.
  • Continued positive development of Solomon Islander Nazarene leadership in and through our current team as we incorporate the goal of having a successful local district superintendent by the next district assembly.
  • Clear direction and God-honoring progress in the current designing and building of the new Nazarene District Center in Vanuatu.
  • Continued cultivation of an intentional “outward-focus” as the Samoan District becomes stronger and more mission minded.
  • Uncompromising, healthy foundation and infrastructure as the ongoing expansion of the Mango Tree Ministry in Tonga continues to reach more hurting families. The ministry has doubled its land and facilities over the last couple years. They are now developing partnerships with the Tonga Kingdom and Korea Nazarene University.
  • Successful transition of the Fiji District into a contributing Nazarene influence outward, with multiple growing representations at field, regional, and general church levels.
  • Protection and improving God-honoring health spiritually, relationally, physically, and emotionally for the 47 Nazarene missionaries and national leaders across these 16 districts, 4 institutions of higher education, and all the major Nazarene ministries in this part of the world.
  • Protection and for ongoing and improving God-honoring health in each of these same areas for us.

Read more about Harmon and Cindy in the Engage magazine article.

General Superintendents

Pray for our General Superintendents who are traveling this month:

Jerry D. Porter
J. K. Warrick
Eugénio Duarte
David W. Graves
David A. Busic
Gustavo A. Crocker

Fullah Family
  Please pray for Pastor James Fullah and his family from Sierra Leone, Africa. After James’ wife, Isatu, became infected with, and later died from, the Ebola virus, the Fullah family was placed under quarantine. Two of their children have recently displayed symptoms of the disease and have been moved to a treatment center. Please pray for healing, for God’s presence to be made known, and for the family and community to find hope in the midst of devastating circumstances.
Family of Anna Olea
  After retiring from a secular job, Anna Olea spent 13 years serving God and the church through Mission Corps—12 years were spent in South America (Argentina and Peru) and 1 year with the Nazarene Border Initiative. During the 13 years, Anna’s life crossed paths with a great number of our missionaries, national leaders, and lay people. Sadly, Anna passed away last week. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers.
Thank you for praying.

God incarnate is the end of fear, and the heart that realizes that He is in the midst will be quiet in the middle of alarm.
—Alexander Maclaren, British preacher and Bible expositor

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