Prayer Mobilization Line
The following are praise reports and prayer requests
from Nazarene Missions International for
October 22, 2014
  "Since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen
a God like you, who works for those who wait for Him!"
Isaiah 64:4 (NLT)
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San Francisco del Norte Church
  The San Francisco del Norte Church in Quito, Ecuador, celebrated their 15-year anniversary recently with special music, dramas, preaching, and an anniversary cake. This was the first organized church out of the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry in all of South America.

Field Strategy Coordinator Dwight Rich was the guest speaker and shared the story of how Rodrigo Olmedo, pastor of the San Francisco de Norte Church, became a leader of the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry in Quito as a new convert. 

The church began with 56 people who were converted in the first JESUS film showing in that neighborhood, more than 15 years ago. A number of the founding members were present at the anniversary celebration. Pastor Rodrigo* is full of energy and continues to direct the national JESUS Film Harvest Partners Ministry. More than 65 churches have been organized in Quito with the wonderful evangelistic tool of the JESUS film.

*See prayer request for Pastor Olmedo’s daughter below in the Health-Related area.
Day of Prayer and Fasting for Ebola Crisis
  On Wednesday, October 22 (or any other day you choose), please join our brothers and sisters at the Africa Regional Office in a day of prayer and fasting for those suffering because of the tragedies surrounding the Ebola virus.

Africa Regional Director Filimao Chambo says, "Our hearts are broken as we hear the reports of fellow Nazarenes, fellow Christians, and fellow human beings suffering in several countries but especially in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. The Ebola virus has been deadly to most who contract it which has produced a wake of fear and suffering."

"While we at the regional office and you may be thousands of kilometers away from those who are suffering, we want to intercede to the Lord on their behalf. Although the distance is far, we know the same God that hears our prayers is walking among those suffering with infection or the loss of family and friends. It is He who can ultimately comfort and save. May the Lord let the sacrifices being made on behalf of those who are suffering bring Him glory and turn hopeless eyes to Him."
Brazil CDC
  In late September, a Nazarene Child Development Center (CDC) in Brazil was robbed. The area is known for its violence and robbers are usually not merciful with people. So, it was fortunate that no one was in the center at the time thieves entered. They stole computers, on with children's information, and a brand new television. Pray for the staff of this CDC as they continue serving the community and ministering to more than 25 children who live daily in poverty.
Lebanon School
  "My family came to Lebanon so we would not die in Syria," said 12-year old Sonya. Today Sonya and hundreds of other children have found safety and a new start at a Nazarene school in Beirut. Pray for all Syrian refugees, that as they flee the violence in their homeland, that they will find peace and everlasting life in Christ. Read more about Sonya and others in the NCN News article.
Asia-Pacific Meetings
  The Asia-Pacific Regional Leadership team and the Regional Advisory Council have been meeting last week and this week in South Korea. Pray the leaders will clearly sense God’s leading as they consider mission critical issues on the Asia-Pacific region.
November Missionary Prayer Focus

The following are the names of missionaries who Verne Ward, director of Global Mission will be specifically communicating with and praying for during the month of November. Please join Dr. Ward and the Global Mission team in prayer for:

David and Helen Ann Bucher, Saipan
David Campos, Haiti
Barry and Charlotte “Charlie” Carney, Paraguay
Erika Chaves, Dominican Republic
Leota “Lee” Cook, United Kingdom
Larry and Donna Myer, Ghana
Alphonso and Allison Porter, Guyana
Judith Radcliff, Germany
Stephen and Anne Sickel, Costa Rica
Mike and Cailyn Wheatley, Argentina

District Superintendents
  Over the next several months, NMI will publish the names and place of ministry for Nazarene district superintendents. Please join us in praying for these individuals who God has called to shepherd pastors and churches around the world.

Today’s district superintendents are from countries on the South America Region:
Romerson Cangussu Silva, Brazil Minas Gerais
Rubens Rodrigues, Brazil Nordeste Central and Brazil Nordeste Setentrional
Eriton Valencia, Brazil Nordeste Meridional
Luis Biazon and Fabiano Loureiro, Brazil Nordeste Paulista
Mateus Ramos, Brazil Paulistano
Amadeu Teixeira, Brazil Rio de Janeiro Baixada
Elio Tomaz, Brazil Rio de Janeiro Grande Rio
Alfredo Mulieri, Brazil Santa Catarina
Lucian Silva, Brazil Sao Paulo
Fernando de Oliveira, Brazil Sudeste Paulista
May the Lord add His blessing to the work of these district superintendents.

Board of General Superintendents
  Please pray for the ministry and safety of the general superintendents as they travel this month:

Jerry D. Porter
J. K. Warrick
Eugénio Duarte
David W.Graves
David A. Busic
Gustavo A. Crocker
Ericka Olmedo
  Pray for Ericka Olmedo who is waiting on test results because of pain she has been suffering. Ericka is trusting in the Lord and is a young mother and wife in need of God’s peace. Pray the doctors can determine and effectively treat Ericka for the pain. She is the daughter of Rodrigo and Margarita Olmedo, pastor and JESUS Film coordinators for Ecuador.
Larry Cornett
  Larry Cornett, pastor of Guam First Church of the Nazarene, suffered a stroke recently. His wife, Elaine says, "We are thankful Larry is doing as well as he is. We praise God for His faithfulness and ask for your prayers."
Family of Joseph Yambayamba
  Rev. Wilfred Yambayamba, superintendent of the Copperbelt District in Zambia wrote, "Kindly pray for my family in the loss of our third born son, Joseph. Joseph was 24-years-old when he died on September 9; burial was on September 11." Lord, be close to the Yambayamba family as they grieve the loss of Joseph. May each one feel your comfort and presence.
Thank you for praying.
"A man prayed and at first he thought prayer lies in talking. But he became more and more quiet until in the end he realized prayer is listening."
—Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855), Danish theologian, philosopher, writer
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