Prayer Mobilization Line
The following are praise reports and prayer requests
from Nazarene Missions International for
October 1, 2014
  "Since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen
a God like you, who works for those who wait for Him!"
Isaiah 64:4 (NLT)
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Reuben Ilir Glendenning
  Reuben Ilir Glendenning was born on September 25 to parents Martin and Cezi. We give thanks to God for Reuben’s safe arrival. Pray for Martin and Cezi as they begin the journey of raising Reuben. They serve as missionaries on the Eurasia Region.
Jim Radcliffe
  Missionary doctor Jim Radcliffe has received his doctor's clearance to return to work. Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying for Jim and Kathy as they walked a journey of faith through a personal medical challenge for Jim over the past several months. Click here
to read more in Around the Region newsletter from Asia-Pacific.
32 World Areas

During the church’s 2012-2013 assembly year, 32 world areas grew at least 10 percent or gained at least 10,000 total members. These world areas are:

American Samoa, Angola, Aruba, Bangladesh, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, Cape Verde, Colombia, Cote d’Ivoire, Guatemala, Israel, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mexico,Mozambique, Nepal, Samoa, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Togo, Vanuatu (four additional areas cannot be listed for security reasons).

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your continued provision and wisdom as we share the hope and love you offer with people around the world

Church Planting in Thailand
  Two churches have been meeting to focus on planting new churches within the city of Bangkok, Thailand, a city of more than nine million people. Pray for the Lord’s leading and provision in all areas of the process. Click here to read more of the story and ways to pray.
  “I received a nice, long, friendly email from the LINKS person at one of our churches in Colorado. She's a 72-year-old woman who has a card-writing ministry. It was nice!” These are the words of a missionary serving on the Eurasia Region and conveys beautifully the LINKS ministry that connects the local church with missionaries. Pray for your church’s LINKS missionaries today. If you don’t know who your new LINKS are, ask your pastor, NMI president, or district LINKS coordinator. The reciprocal ministry that takes place through LINKS is a blessing to missionaries and churches alike, and often, life-long friendships begin.
Missionary Prayer Focus

Please pray for the following requests sent in from missionaries who are part of the August prayer focus:

Scot and Jill Riggins, serving in the Philippines

  • We have felt confident in God's leading as Scot accepted the new Regional Finance Coordinator position for the Asia-Pacific Region. We do request prayer for wisdom in his new role, for wisdom through the transition phase as he helps find and train the new Philippine Field Office treasurer, and as he steps into the new role. 
  • We always appreciate prayers for us as parents as we seek to disciple each of our children. This can feel like such an overwhelming responsibility, but we know that God has equipped us with everything we need for the "job" (2 Peter 1:3). Aden and Wiley are both attending Faith Academy and doing very well there - what a wonderful blessing to have this opportunity! We pray especially for the friendships they are developing, that they would be positive influences on those around them and continue to grow in their relationships with the Lord. Noah and Emma are at home, and we pray for their continued healthy development (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically) as they learn and grow each day.  
  • We ask for prayer in continued cultural adaptation.  We've been here just over a year, and there is still so much more to learn!!  We pray for God's grace and strength as we continue to learn more about the people around us and better understand the place where we are serving.  We want to be effective instruments that God can use, and healthy cultural adaptation will make us more effective.
  • Editor’s note: Scot and Jill welcomed Audrey Sue Riggins to their family on September 13. Thank you for your prayers for Jill over several weeks as she awaited Audrey’s birth. We give praise to God for that all went well.
District Superintendents
  Over the next several months, NMI will publish the names and place of ministry for Nazarene district superintendents. Please join us in praying for these individuals who God has called to shepherd pastors and churches around the world.

Today’s district superintendents are from countries on the Mesoamerica Region:
Maria Ponce, Nicaragua Central
Dennis Espinoza, Nicaragua Norte
Gerardo Reyes, Nicaragua South
Carlos Peña Baldelomar, Nicaragua Southeast
Carlos de la Cruz, Panama Central
Ulises Espinoza, Panama Occidental
Olga Robles, Puerto Rico East
Ramón Sierra, Puerto Rico West
Victor George, Trinidad & Tobago
May the Lord add His blessing to the work of these district superintendents.

Board of General Superintendents
  Please pray for the ministry and safety of the general superintendents as they travel this month:

Jerry D. Porter
J. K. Warrick
Eugénio Duarte
David W.Graves
David A. Busic
Gustavo A. Crocker
Family of Yolanda de Quiroz
  Yolanda de Quiroz passed away on September 26 after a long battle with cancer. Yolanda and her husband, Eduardo, pastored the Iglesia de la Floresta in Guyaaquil, Ecuador. Pray for Eduardo, the family, and congregation as they mourn Yolanda’s passing. She served the Lord faithfully and now rests in His presence.
Thank you for praying.
"Teach us, O Lord, the disciplines of patience,
for to wait is often harder than to work."

—Peter Marshall (1902-1949), pastor and chaplain of U.S. Senate
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