Rolf and Debra Kleinfeld

Serving in Southeast Asia | Asia-Pacific

Following 17 years of youth ministry, Rolf and Debbie Kleinfeld began serving in the SE Asia area of the 10/40 window in 2003. They moved to Thailand in 2005. Rolf served as the SouthEast Asia Field Strategy Coordinator, overseeing the Nazarene work in SE Asia from 2006-2010.  Debbie’s responsibilities have ranged from office management, NCM Child Development Coordinator, to leading Work & Witness teams. 

They returned to SE Asia to disciple, teach, and mentor leaders in November of 2011.  Rolf is the District Superintendent and they are the Country Coordinators where they live, working to develop an international team of people building God’s Kingdom.

Rolf & Debbie teach and guide with a focus on living out the Gospel and carrying God’s kingdom: anytime, anywhere, anything.  Their journey has been rich with blessings and lessons from the Lord which they love to share.  They enjoy singing together and are happiest working as a team to teach, speak, sing or lead for Christ.

They have lived and served in Cherry Point NC, Cleve OH area, Co Springs, CO, Kansas City, KS area, Wichita, KS, and Richmond, VA.

Current Prayer Focus:

1. A deepening walk among the leadership in SE Asia

2. House church in Phnom Penh

3. Leadership meetings

4. Church plantings, especially in the major cities

5. Compassion projects (i.e. bike project, student dorms)

6. Education/Pastors Leadership classes

7. The plight of human traffic victims

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Going Where the Church is Not Yet

Today there are over 4.3 billion people who live in areas where there is little to no gospel witness. 4.3 billion people who have not heard the message of the gospel, who have never heard the name of Jesus. We believe that everyone deserves to hear. God continues to call the Church of the Nazarene to spread the message of the gospel, to preach holiness, and to bring good news to the poor all over the world. The task is enormous; far too big for anyone to do alone, but together we can go where the church is not yet and see people, communities, and nations transformed. Reaching these people begins with one step, a step of obedience and faithfulness that says yes to God’s call. Take your first step and start your journey toward serving in missions today.

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